All our shutters are made from bonded FSC hardwood

Bonded FSC hardwood Shutters

Bonded wood combines the qualities  of Hardwood and PVC it is commonly used on the decks of Superyachts due to being highly resistant to moisture and very resistant to damage.

hardwood shutters

Benefits of Bonded Hardwood Wood

Bonded FSC hardwood Shutters


The fine finish of the material allows us to sand to a perfect finish then apply coats of water based paint to create a finish that surpasses expectations

Bonded FSC hardwood Shutters durability


Built to last our shutters will stand to the knocks and damage caused by everyday life ensuring your shutters will stand the test of time, our paint finish will not crack, chip fade or peel.

Bonded FSC hardwood Shutters flexibility


The PVC content in the material allows us to fit into bathrooms and kitchens without the worry of moisture spoiling the finish over time.      

eco-friendly hardwood shutters


Our shutters are fully recyclable and we only use half the amount of Hardwood and the Hardwood we do use is from FSC certified forests.

Combined with the fact we make in the UK makes us the best choice for the planet

Using the best material is only part of the story

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Bonded hardwood
hardwood Shutters

Colour Choice

Colours for our Hardwood Shutters

Colour choice is very important so we offer 10 standard colours all at no extra cost and for a small uplift we can match any paint colour

All our paints are UV stable and have undergone rigorous testing to ensure they don’t chip crack or fade  

Silk White

Shutter Varieties

FSC hardwood Shutters

Full height Shutters

These are by far the most popular style of shutter suitable for all rooms including bathrooms and kitchens.

Mid rails can be added to allow improved light control.

These elegant shutters will provide the WOW in any style of property whether classic or contemporary.

hardwood Shutters made from FSC hardwood

Blackout shutters

Perfect for bedrooms we can integrate a blackout blind into your shutter giving a superior room darkening effect, best of both worlds functionality and beauty.

Tier on Tier Shutters

Perfect look for classic sash windows Tier on Tier shutters have the doors split so the top section opens independently to the bottom, most suited to tall windows.

cafe shutters

Café Shutters

 A very traditional look, covering just the lower half of the windows Café shutters are perfect if you want to keep the top section of the window clear

hardwood shutters

Tracked Shutters

Tracked shutters as the name suggests has a track to support the panels, perfect for very wide openings such as patio doors.

These shutters can have up to 12 panels all folding neatly back to the one side.