Café Style Shutters

Café shutters came by their name due to their popularity in restaurants and cafés. Generally, these types of shutters cover just the bottom half of windows and provide a stylish & flexible alternative to blinds and curtains.

Café style shutters can be seen extensively in Victorian, Georgian, and Edwardian terrace properties with original box sash windows. Typically, these houses limited front gardens and high levels of traffic past the front window Café shutters offer these properties privacy without compromising on light

They are a cost-effective way to add personality to any room, and our trained installers know how to achieve a perfect fit for your home.

cafe shutters
British made shutters

Café Shutters made in our UK Factory

We can fit café shutters in Chelmsford, Twickenham, Southend, Swindon and many other regions. 

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