Find The Right Shutters For You

Find The Right Shutters For You

Find the Right Shutters for you | The Ultimate Guide

Choosing the right shutters for your home can feel overwhelming. The good news is that that, due to their versatility there is usually a perfect solution for all windows that will suit your design as shutters provide the ideal window dressing solution for all types of homes.

Find The Right Shutters For You – We supply and install home shutters in many different types of homes so we have the expert knowledge to guide you through the decision-making process. Once you have understood the different styles of home shutters and the benefits of each, it will help you decide what will work the best for your home. 

Bay Window Shutters

Full height Bay windows are a great place to install your home shutters and are a great feature of any room. Shutters for your bay windows not only look stunning but are practical too. 

Once fitted, the versatility of bay window shutters becomes clear. Not just the obvious kerb appeal or stylish finish to a room. They make a room feel bigger as there is nothing hanging down or cutting across the front of the bay.

We have a wide range of styles and shaped shutters to suit your bay windows. these can be a great alternative to curtains or blinds and add a look of sophistication whilst having both privacy and light. 

Blackout Shutters

Our Blackout shutters integrate a full blackout blind into the shutter. Your home shutters will look beautiful in the day allowing light to enter with the blackout blind being totally hidden from view, then at night lower the blind for an almost complete blackout allowing for restful sleep.

There are also many other benefits to blackout shutters, another being durability. These blackout shutters are a good investment as your homes shutters, they will have a huge impact from a financial standpoint on privacy issues and even body wellness. 

The thickness of our blackout shutters has a great effect on it preventing the heat penetration in your house which in return will reduce the usage of air-conditioning units. Well covered windows also retain the warmness of the room when the temperature is low outside. Ensuring that you will not use too much of the heater or cooling system of your house will lower your utility bills and actually save your money in the long run

Bonded FSC Hardwood Shutters

Bonded wood combines the qualities of Hardwood and PVC it is commonly used on the decks of Superyachts due to being highly resistant to moisture and very resistant to damage. 

The fine finish of the material allows us to sand to a perfect finish then apply coats of water-based paint to create a finish that surpasses expectations. Bonded FSC Hardwood is built to last for your home shutters, they will stand to the knocks and damages caused by everyday life ensuring they will stand the test of time.

The PVC content in the material allows us to fit into bathrooms and kitchens without the worry of moisture spoiling the finish over time. They are also fully recyclable, we only use half the amount of Hardwood and the Hardwood we do use is from FSC certified forests. 

Cafe Style Shutters

Café shutters cover just a portion of the window and provide a stylish & flexible alternative to blinds and curtains. Café style shutters can be seen extensively in Victorian, Georgian, and Edwardian terrace properties with original box sash windows. Typically, these houses limited front gardens and high levels of traffic past the front window Café shutters offer these properties privacy without compromising on light

Bespoke Shutters

All our home shutters are truly bespoke no two orders are like, with over 40 different styles and different louvre sizes not to mention the large choice of colours the options are too numerous to count.

Every window is individually measured by us giving an exact fit with many bespoke fixing and mounting options you can trust 4Shutters skilled installers to make the most of your window.

Why install Bespoke Shutters in your Home

  • Temperature, light control and privacy control are very manageable as you have total flexibility over how much or little you let in
  • Your shutters will have been created based on your design choices so will be just as you expect
  • Because they are made to measure, there will be no unsightly gaps that can spoil the overall look
  • Solid wooden shutters are perfect for making a stunning statement in any room

Every home and everyone’s design ideas are different. At 4Shutters, we are here to help. Our expert and friendly team will help you determine the right home shutters style for your requirements. Please get in touch to discuss any questions you have and view our different locations available. Find The Right Shutters For You

Find The Right Shutters For You

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