4 Shutters Hardwood Bespoke shutters

The Eco-Friendly shutter company

Choosing an Environmentally friendly shutter does not come at the expense of quality or cost for over 30 years 4seasons have been involved in shutters, manufacturing our first shutter back in 2002 to present day where we have worked closely with Evergreen shutters to build the first UK shutter factory capable of making shutters that compete with Chinese imports on price but at a much higher quality. 

environmentally friendly shutter company
environmentally friendly shutters

Made using FSC Hardwood

Made in the UK to minimise carbon footprint

Fully recyclable material

Formaldehyde Free

Built to last


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January Price Freeze

4Shutters are holding all 2024 price increases until the end of January, PLUS 4 shutters are offering an additional 25% off on all orders place between Boxing Day and the end of January
Plus 25% Off